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Mark Dauck
Admiral Marco

Buen Jesús y Nuestra
Señora del Rosario

A declaration from your Admiral

Dear fellow Krewe members, today, this of May seventh, in the year two thousand and fifteen, is the day of a new and glorious beginning.

Today we mark the charts as the first day of planning for our second vessel within our Krewe. Last night, we were able to secure a deal to sell the Dock House, with much thanks and praise to our Lord Founder, Jeff "Shark Bite" DiPolito. With the funds gathered from the Foundation, pre-sales on Bead Bins, and now with the Dock House, we have enough capital to begin our next new voyage.

As you might know that when the Santa Margarita was first dreamed of and then subsequently built, those that lent a hand in her construction, not only helped in creating what the Krewe is today but also became connected to the Krewe in ways of pride and kinship to which that is what this Krewe is all about. Even those fellow Krewe members whom have left the Krewe still hold that sense of association to this day.

In the weeks to come, I your Admiral, we the Council and "all the Krewe", will come together once again and together we will set forth to bring about another such vision that will not only strengthen the Krewe but will bring all of us more closer in friendship and build upon the vision of our Founders. To this I say Hazzah, Hazzah, Hazzah.

The dock house is going out on its own new mission as the first float for the new Krewe, Bootlegger Belles and Beaus. A new walking Krewe that is very excited to have gained our precious and memorable float, the Dock House, sometimes called the Dauck House, don't know why that was, but she will be leaving us none the less, Yet! She goes off on a new and worthy cause. I say for all that we can't wait to see how she's decorated and fixed up to something different.

I want to say Thank you, to all who have helped in maintaining her looks, her mechanical soundness, and her respectable worthiness as a secondary float to the Ye Mystic Krewe of the Santa Margarita. You all have done well to be a part of her history in our Krewe. To this I say Hazzah, Hazzah, Hazzah to one and all.

Going forward, our next step will be in pinning down a design for the float chassis that will give us the building blocks to create our second ship to which will now make a fleet! I know that many of you will want to place a comment, a thought, a tip, a suggestion, a word, a complaint of old, an idea into this build and yes, all will be welcomed and considered. You are a part of the Krewe and thus a part of her making.

We'll have to figure out just what and how that is to come about and we'll certainly provide a ways and means for this to occur.

Once the Frame is built and delivered will be a time where your Captain will call "All Hands" to help build her and get her ready for sea trials. It is my hope, as Admiral and as Krewe, that she be sea worthy and ready to go by Children's Gasparilla of next year, 2016. There will be a call for support in hands, funds, materials, and all other aspects of what goes into building a float, or Ship rather...

The Santa Margarita was built in just a few months and by the hands of just a few, I think we could make our Founder's proud if we were able to do so again.

A final and last word is this. Although we've not passed through the ranks for names and titles, we have set our thoughts to one name for our new member to be and that is, The Rosario, sister ship to the Santa Margarita and Atocha. Her full name was "Buen Jesús y Nuestra Señora del Rosario" The Buen Jesús y Nuestra Señora del Rosario was one of a fleet of 28 Spanish merchants hit by a hurricane on September 5, 1622.

To that, it seems fitting as the Ye Mystic Krewe of the Santa Margarita, that it would be fair and honorable to maintain the fleet with another of her own and kind. And to that I leave you for now.

Admiral Marco

The Rising of Rosario

The Results of Your Input
for Float Suggestions

Buen Jesús y Nuestra Señora del Rosario
Float Plans

Click Picture for PDF of Float Plans
Updated 7/12/2015

Thanks to the skills and effort of Phil Hester we have the intial rendering plans for the new YMKSM Rosario Float. Please use the Email form below for your comments or suggestions.

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The Building of Rosario

Buen Jesús y Nuestra Señora del Rosario

"Tortugas" Historical Overview

The Spanish Armada abandons the galleon
Nuestra Senora del Rosario

Spain's collapse of colonial power seen
through prism of sunk galleon

Shipwreck of the Buen Jesus y Nuestra
Senora del Rosario

Silver, Gold, Pearls, and Parrots:
A 1622 Shipwreck Yields Her Treasures

The treasure that sank the Spanish Empire: 400-year-old shipwreck reveals haul of gold, silver, pearls and even parrots

The Identity & Maritime History of the
Deep-Sea Tortugas Shipwreck (PDF)


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