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Let it be known that you have entered the Krewe ONLY portion of this web site. The contents of this private area are for the exclusive use of the members of Ye Mystic Krewe of the Santa Margarita. All other trespassers will be subject to the disciplines of the Officers of The Santa Margarita. Beware, penalties range from being put in chains in the ship's hold to being forced to walk the plank.

NOTE: You may return to the public area at any time by clicking the "Return to Public Area" button on the navigation bar to the left. You can return to the Krewe ONLY area by re-clicking the Krewe Area Login coins on the right hand side-bar of the public pages. You will not have to login again. You only have to login once per session unless you close the Browser window.

As a Krewe member, you may venture into the private treasure hoards of this web site by clicking area titles below or by clicking the yellow navigation bar on the left. Ahoy, and have a rewarding foray into our private treasure hoards!



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