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Official Krewe Manifest

Arrr matey's! There seems to be some confusion about the Krewe Manifest. Everyone's contact information must be kept up to date so that the Captain may better manage his motley krewe. There is an online form available on the business office page to facilitate your keeping contact information current. The Official Krewe Manifest is only seen by the Captain and his officers.

There is also an Online Krewe Manifest that is available for all Krewe members to view. The Online Manifest can be viewed in 3 ways, (1) online via the website, (2) download the PDF version, or (3) download the Excel spreadsheet. Having your contact information on the online manifest is totally optional. If you do not want your contact information made available to all krewe members, simply click the correct button on the Krewe Manifest Update Form and you are included in the Online Manifest or NOT.


Online Krewe Manifest

Updated: 8/14/2017

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You can download a Excel spreadsheet of the Online
Krewe Manifest by clicking the above icon.

Krewe Manifest Update

Create or update your personal/family contact
information for the Official Krewe Manifest.
Please indicate whether or not you want to be
included in the Online Krewe Manifest.

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